2022 Republican Candidates

U.S. Offices
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley
Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks

Statewide Offices
Governor Kim Reynolds
Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate
Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig
State Treasurer Candidate Roby Smith
State Auditor Candidate Todd Halbur
Attorney General Candidate Brenna Bird

State Legislature
Sen. Chris Cournoyer SD 35
Kerry Gruenhagen SD 41
Scott Webster SD 47
Rep. Norlin Mommsen HD 70
Luana Stoltenberg HD 81
Bobby Kaufmann HD 82
Rep. Gary Mohr HD 93
Mike Vondran HD 94

Scott County Offices
County Attorney Kelly Cunninghan-Haan
County Recorder Michele Darland
County Auditor Kerri Tompkins
County Treasurer Tony Knobbe
County Supervisor Jean Dickson
County Supervisor John Maxwell
County Supervisor Ross Paustian