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By: H. Barrack, MD

Vice Chair, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM)

Somatoform disorders involve unexplained physical symp Where true somatoform disorders are present prostate oncology 91356 generic 60caps confido visa, symptoms toms that bring significant distress and functional impair persist much longer and the cost of ambulatory care is 9-14 ment prostate issues confido 60 caps without prescription. They are seldom “cured” disorders undergo numerous medical examinations healthy prostate usa laboratories cheap 60 caps confido free shipping, diag and should be approached as a chronic disease. They risk a patient-centered approach, and specific treatments may increased morbidity from these procedures. Factitious disorder and cent stop working at some point because of their difficulties. Features that characterize the spectrum of somatoform Kroenke K: Patients presenting with somatic complaints: disorders include the following: Epidemiology, psychiatric comorbidity and management. Int J • Physical symptoms or irrational anxiety about illness or Methods Psychiatr Res 2003; 12:34-43. Somatoform disor ders have specific courses, symptoms, and complaints To some degree, somatic symptoms related to psychological (Table 55-1). Examples include the experience of anger through jaw stress, and are not intentional. Paradoxically, treat sinking feeling in the gut, and shame through a reddening of ment and attempts to reassure patients can be counterpro the face, and so on. Patients nonpathologic fear of having a disease is “student’s syndrome, ” are often seen as “difficult patients. Furthermore, symptoms appear to play a role in the development of somatic sensitiv may be sufficient to suggest that the patient’s condition is ities and obsessive tendencies. Traumatic experiences in the better described by a primary or comorbid mental disorder form of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and witnessing that may respond to specific therapies. Operant Presentations of illness without complete physical expla reinforcements and classically conditioned associations will nation have a significant impact on primary care practice. Twenty-six percent of primary care individuals are susceptible to overexperiencing sensations. Similar symptoms presenting for the first time in the elderly should prompt more extensive investigations for organic cause. Patients with hypochondriasis can headache, chest pain, dizziness, and palpitations are the experience a cycle of symptom amplification whereby obses symptoms most likely to be somatoform. Other disorders, such as body dysmorphic dis order, may be related to obsessive-compulsive disorders or • Presence of another mental disorder, especially depressive, even a mild thought disorder. Because families differ in how they respond to symptoms • Distrust toward the physician. Families also shape the tendency to experience, display, and magnify somatic • Paradoxic worsening of symptoms with treatment. Social risk phone calls, multiple medications, and repeated subspe factors include single parenthood, living alone, unemploy cialty referrals. Diagnostic Criteria version, and pain disorders are more frequent in women whereas hypochondriasis and body dysmorphic disorder Somatoform disorders are mental disorders that involve involve men and women equally. Somatoform symptoms are physical symptoms or irrational anxiety about illness or more prevalent among Chinese American, Asian, and South appearance, and for which biomedical findings are not con American patients. These differences are most likely due to sistent with a general medical condition. Specific diagnosis Western/empirical explanatory models contrasted with cul requires that the symptoms have brought unneeded medical turally based understandings in which ancient people’s asso treatment or significant impairment in social, occupational, ciations of phenomena and symptoms still affect the beliefs or other important areas of functioning. If the disorder occurs in the tain cultures include the dhat syndrome in India, which is a presence of a general medical condition, complaints or concern about semen loss, and koro in Southeast Asia, a preoc impairment must be in excess of what would be expected cupation that the penis will disappear into the abdomen. Although somato sense of having worms in the head or burning hands is some form disorders may occur concurrently with other mental times reported by people in Africa and Southeast Asia. Cultures disorders, other diagnoses such as depression or anxiety may influence how emotions should be expressed and sanction reli be sufficient to supersede the somatoform diagnosis. Somatization disorder—This persistent pattern of Thus, somatoform-like symptoms should be evaluated for recurring, multiple somatic complaints begins before age 30.

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Adult lice are transferred by close head-to-head contact for at least 1 m inute or by using infested clothing man health check buy generic confido 60caps on line, com bs and pillows prostate juice remedy order 60 caps confido fast delivery. Head lice m ay live for up to prostate cancer trials purchase 60 caps confido free shipping 2 days without a blood feed, and m ay survive for that length of tim e away from a host. Eggs are laid by fertilised adult fem ales and rm ly glued at the base of hair shafts. Infection is m ost com m on in children aged 4–11 and m ore com m on in girls than boys, but adults can also be infected. Signs and sym ptom s Live and dead lice (about 3 m m long and greyish-w hite or brow n in colour) and yellow ish cast exoskeleton shells can be seen by com bing the hair w ith a ne tooth com b over a sheet of w hite paper, after sham pooing and tow elling dry. Itching, an allergic response to lice saliva injected into the scalp to liquefy blood, m ay occur after several w eeks of infestation. Nits are cream y-coloured em pty egg cases that rem ain rm ly attached to hair shafts as they grow outw ards. Differential diagnosis Dandruff and seborrhoeic derm atitis, w hich cause scaling and irritation of the scalp, m ay be confused w ith head lice infestation, but identi cation of lice m aterial is diagnostic. Treatm ent Preparations of three insecticidal com pounds are available w ithout prescription to treat head lice infestation. W et com bing is a m echanical m ethod of rem oving head lice w ithout the use of chem icals. Insecticides the insecticides (pediculicides) available w ithout prescription for the treatm ent of head lice are: m alathion perm ethrin phenothrin. It is a potent cholinesterase inhibitor that prevents the breakdow n of acetylcholine and interferes w ith neurom uscular transm ission in the head louse, paralysing it and preventing it from feeding. It is oil-soluble and absorbed by a process of passive diffusion through the lipid coat of both insect and egg; achieving a lethal dose depends on the concentration of the product and the length of contact. M alathion is poorly absorbed through hum an skin, and is m uch m ore ef ciently detoxi ed by hum an m etabolic processes than by those of insects. It is therefore safe for occasional or interm ittent use at low concentrations as a pediculicide. There are no contraindications to the use of m alathion apart from know n sensitivity. Perm ethrin and phenothrin Perm ethrin and phenothrin are synthetic pyrethroids w ith low m am m alian toxicity. They are rapidly absorbed across the insect cuticle and exert their action on the sodium channels of louse nerve axons, causing initial excitem ent and then paralysis. It contains 4% long chain linear silicone (dim eticone) in a volatile silicone base (cyclom ethicone). Head lice 109 It appears to act against head lice by coating the insects and thus disrupting their ability to breathe and to absorb and excrete w ater. W et com bing (‘bug busting’) W et com bing is an alternative m ethod for tackling the problem of head lice and resistance w ithout the use of insecticides. The technique involves com bing the hair w hile it is dam p, w ith a ne-tooth com b for about 30 m inutes after sham pooing and using conditioner. If evidence of lice is found, the process should be repeated tw ice w eekly for 2 w eeks to rem ove lice em erging from eggs before they can spread and reproduce. Piperonal Piperonal has no insecticidal activity, but acts as a head lice repellent. Its m echanism of action is unknow n, but it is thought to provoke a negative response from the lice antennae receptors, causing them to avoid m ovem ent into treated areas. The m ain use is to prevent inadvertent reinfestation after treatm ent w ith insecticides, before all cases have been traced and the lice eradicated. Form ulations and m ethods of use Head lice preparations are available as aqueous and alcoholic lotion, crem e rinse and m ousse and sham poo form ulations. Use of aqueous liquid preparations the solution is gently rubbed into the scalp, extending to the neck area and behind the ears, until all the hair and scalp is thoroughly m oistened. The hair should be allow ed to dry naturally, and the lotion left on for 12 hours, usually overnight. W hile the hair is still w et after sham pooing, it should be com bed w ith a ne tooth com b to rem ove dead and dying lice from the scalp and em pty egg cases attached to the hair shafts. A second application after 7 days is recom m ended to kill any lice em erging from eggs that m ay have survived the initial treatm ent.

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The plan of action for self-treatment of depression consists of regulating the diet prostate surgery side effects 60caps confido sale, exercise prostate cancer etiology buy genuine confido online, scientific relaxation and meditation mens health dvd 60caps confido with amex. Pricilla, associate clinical professor at the University of California, prescribes nutritional therapy to build up brain chemicals, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, that affect mood and are often lacking in depressed people. She recommends eating foods rich in B vitamins, such as whole grains, green vegetables, eggs and fish. The diet of persons suffering from depression should completely exclude tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and cola, all white flour products, sugar, food colourings, chemical additives, white rice and strong condiments. Fruits can be taken in the morning for breakfast with milk and a handful of nuts and seeds. Lunch may consist of steamed vegetables, whole wheat chappatis and a glass of butter-milk. For dinner, green vegetable salad and all available sprouts such as alfalfa seeds, mung, cottage cheese or a glass of butter-milk would be ideal. It not only keep the body physically and mentally fit but also provides recreation and mental relaxation. Robert Brown, a clinical associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, " Exercise produces chemical and psychological changes that improves your mental health. It changes the levels of hormones in blood and may elevate your beta-endorphins(mood-affecting brain chemicals). It is, however, so gentle in character that one must walk several kilometers in a brisk manner to constitute a fair amount of exercise. Yogic asanas such as vakrasana, bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, paschimottanasana, sarvangasana and shavasana and pranayamas like kapalbhati, anuloma-viloma and bhastrika are highly beneficial in the treatment of depression. Relaxation and Meditation the patient must gain control over his nervous system and channelise his mental and emotional activities into restful harmonius vibrations. This can be achieved by ensuring sufficient rest and sleep under right conditions. He must also learn the art of scientific relaxation and meditation which will go a long way in curing depression. Relaxation enables the muscles to work more efficiently and eliminates fatigue by promoting venous blood circulation throughout the body. Meditation involves training the mind to remain fixed on a certain external or internal location. All the mental faculties should be directed, without cessation, towards the object of meditation. It will be advisable to meditate on God or Atman as one becomes imbued with the quality of the object on which one meditates. This would enable the glands to return to a correct state of hormonal balance and thereby overcome the feeling of depression. Regularity conditions the mind to slowing down its activities with a minimum delay. The most effective times are early dawn and dusk, when the atmosphere is serene and peaceful. A neutral immersion bath for one hour daily is also helpful in the treatment of depression. This bath is administered in a bath tub which should be properly fitted with hot and cold water connections. The patient should lie in the tub after filling it with water at a temperature ranging from 92 o to 98 o F. It results from an absolute or relative lack of insulin which leads to abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism as well as in the metabolism of protein and fat. This is especially true in case of more advanced countries of the world due to widespread affluence and more generous food supply. The most commonly-used screening tests are the determination of the fasting blood glucose level and the two-hour postprandial, that is after a meal. It is estimated that 80 to 85 per cent of all individuals with diabetes mellitus are 45 years of age or older. Symptoms the word diabetes is derived from the Greek word meaning "to siphon to pass through", and mellitus comes from the Latin word "honey". Thus two characteristic symptoms, namely, copious urination and glucose in the urine give the name to the disease.

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Mullerian agenesis mens health initiative 60 caps confido otc, also known as Mayer-Rokitansky Kuster-Hauser syndrome prostate cancer history buy cheap confido 60 caps, presents as amenorrhea with absence of a vagina prostate cancer webmd buy confido 60 caps with mastercard. There is normal development of breasts, sexual hair, ovaries, tubes, and external genitalia. Treatment generally consists of progressive vaginal dila tion or creation of an artificial vagina with split-thickness skin grafts (McIndoe procedure). These genetic males have a defective androgen receptor and/or downstream signal transduction mechanism (in the genome) such that the androgenic signal does not have its normal tissue-specific effects. Although there is a 25% incidence of malignant tumors in these patients, gonadectomy should be deferred until after full development is obtained. In other patients with a Y chromosome, gonadectomy should be performed as early as possible to prevent masculinization. Patients with gonadal dysgenesis present with lack of secondary sexual characteristics. Causes of pri mary amenorrhea, in descending order of frequency, are gonadal dysgene sis, Mullerian agenesis, and testicular feminization. Examples of symptoms reported include edema, mood swings, depression, irritability, breast tenderness, increased appetite, and cravings for sweets. Therapy has included oral contraceptives, danazol, bromocriptine, evening primrose oil, and aerobic exercise. Controlled studies have been performed with most of the different treatment regimens with variable, irreproducible, and generally disappoint ing results that are probably the result of patient heterogeneity because of difficulty in diagnosing this condition. Excessive estrogens, such as with birth control pills, can reduce prolactin-inhibiting factor, thus raising serum prolactin level. Similarly, intensive suckling (during lactation and associated with sexual foreplay) can activate the reflex arc that results in hyperprolactinemia. Many antipsychotic medications, especially the phenothiazines, are also known to have mammotropic properties. When prolactin levels are per sistently elevated without obvious cause (eg, in breastfeeding), evaluation for pituitary adenoma becomes necessary. As estrogen levels increase, menses begins and ovulation is maintained for several decades. Ovarian estrogen produc tion late in puberty is at least in part responsible for termination of the pubertal growth spurt, thereby determining adult height. Decreasing levels of estrogen are associated with lower frequency of ovulation, eventually leading to menopause. Hair growth during puberty is caused by androgens from the adrenal gland and, later, the ovary. Normal signs of puberty involve breast Infertility, Endocrinology, and Menstrual Dysfunction Answers 271 budding (thelarche, 9. A normal semen analysis will demonstrate at least 20 million sperm per milliliter, over 60% of the sperm with a normal shape, a volume of between 2 and 6 mL, and at least 50% of the sperm with progressive forward motility. In addi tion, serial serum progesterone levels may be helpful to confirm ovulation. Serum progesterone values should be obtained 7 days after ovulation and may also be helpful in evaluating inadequate luteal phase. An endometrial biopsy may also provide valuable information regarding the status of the luteal phase. The biopsy is obtained 12 days after the thermogenic shift, or 2 to 3 days before the expected onset of menses, on about day 26 of a 28-day cycle. A postcoital test is an in vivo test that evaluates the interaction of sperm and cervical mucus. The cervical mucus is obtained, and its quantity and quality as well as its interaction with the sperm are evaluated. The hys terosalpingogram is performed in the mid– follicular phase in order to eval uate the fallopian tubes and the contour of the uterine cavity; it should not be done while the patient is menstruating or after ovulation has occurred. Although gonadotropin levels are not routinely evaluated, they should be 272 Obstetrics and Gynecology obtained in the early follicular phase when testing is indicated (eg, in cases where there is a history of oligo-ovulation). Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors, also known as androblas tomas, are testosterone-secreting ovarian neoplasms.