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By: T. Larson, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

Anticoagulation the benefit of routine anticoagulation in all patients following myocardial infarction is unproven antibiotic 24 hours contagious discount linezolid 600 mg otc. Continued anticoagulation with warfarin is indicated in proven mural thrombus (3 months anticoagulation or until thrombus resolution) or in patients with atrial fibrillation bacterial overgrowth purchase 600 mg linezolid visa. Although lower rates of in-hospital reinfarction were observed antibiotic resistance ncbi generic linezolid 600mg with visa, this was 94;95 at the expense of an excess of bleeding complications. They do have a role to play in the setting of primary and rescue angioplasty however. Triple therapy with prasugrel or ticagrelor should generally be avoided because of the increased risk of bleeding compared with clopidogrel. Essentially the duration of triple therapy should be decided by weighing up the bleeding risk on triple therapy versus the ischaemic risk. A more recent trial, from the same investigators, suggested a 9 lower incidence of stent thrombosis and a reduction in mortality. Switching P2Y12 receptor drugs (Clopidogrel, Prasugrel and Ticagrelor) There are occasions when there may be reason to consider switching P2Y12 drugs. Switching to prasugrel/ticagrelor can be done irrespective of prior clopidogrel timing and dosing. Switching prasugrel and ticagrelor to other agents has to be done 24 hours after last dose. If there is concern about low serum potassium, co amilofruse 5/40 (combined amiloride and furosemide) is an alternative. Eplerenone is a selective aldosterone antagonist licensed for use in stable patients with systolic dysfunction and evidence of heart failure after a recent myocardial 102 infarction. Established Pulmonary Oedema Significant dyspnoea associated with orthopnoea and often a productive cough with white, frothy sputum. Non-invasive ventilation should be considered in more intractable cases and possibly mechanical ventilation if recovery is thought possible. Specific management is warranted for severe mitral regurgitation which may be silent and therefore echocardiography is indicated. Mortality is high (70%) with cardiogenic shock, and is usually inevitable if treatment and correction is delayed, so urgent active management is essential. Full invasive monitoring using a Swan-Ganz catheter (despite published limitations) and a radial artery cannula may be helpful in some cases. Dopamine at lower doses (2?5 5?0 ?g/kg/min) has a specific effect on dopaminergic receptors producing dilatation of renal, coronary, splanchnic and cerebral arteries and, at a higher dose (5 15 ?g/kg/min);? Both dobutamine and particularly dopamine should ideally be infused via a central line. Other inotropes such as digoxin may be beneficial, but should be avoided if there is significant bradycardia, ventricular arrhythmias or renal impairment. Isoprenaline, adrenaline, glucagon and salbutamol infusions have been used in the past, with limited benefit, and are not normally recommended in cardiogenic shock. Vasodilators reduce peripheral resistance, improving cardiac output and organ perfusion, thus reducing ventricular work and myocardial oxygen consumption. In cardiogenic shock, arterial or combined arterial/venous dilators should be chosen. Clearly care needs to be taken as all patients may subsequently drop their blood pressure. Sodium nitroprusside should be reserved for when there is significant hypertension in the setting of myocardial infarction. If used the latter should be started at 10 15 ?g/min and increased to a maximum of 400 ?g/min. In patients who are not responding to diuretics, consideration should be given to the use of haemofiltration. Anticoagulation in these patients should be used with caution or with echo monitoring because of the theoretical risk of tamponade. Drainage of post-infarct pericardial effusions or effusions in other settings (uraemia, carcinoma, rheumatoid, etc. The use of antibiotics should generally be avoided unless there are clear signs of infection.


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During transport antimicrobial keyboard buy 600 mg linezolid visa, neonate should be appropriately secured in seat or isolette and mother should be appropriately secured Notes/Educational Pearls Key Considerations 1 bacteria arrangement best 600 mg linezolid. Approximately 10% of newly born infants require some assistance to infection game strategy generic linezolid 600 mg visa begin breathing 2. Deliveries complicated by maternal bleeding (placenta previa, vas previa, or placental abruption) place the infant at risk for hypovolemia secondary to blood loss 3. If pulse oximetry is used as an adjunct, the preferred placement place of the probe is the right arm, preferably wrist or medial surface of the palm. Normalization of blood oxygen levels (SaO2 85-95%) will not be achieved until approximately 10 minutes following birth 5. If prolonged oxygen use is required, titrate to maintain an oxygen saturation of 85-95% 6. While not ideal, a larger facemask than indicated for patient size may be used to provide bag-valve-mask ventilation if an appropriately sized mask is not available avoid pressure over the eyes as this may result in bradycardia 7. Increase in heart rate is the most reliable indicator of effective resuscitative efforts 8. A multiple gestation delivery may require additional resources and/or providers 9. There is no evidence to support the routine practice of administering sodium bicarbonate for the resuscitation of newborns Pertinent Assessment Findings 1. It is difficult to determine gestational age in the field if there is any doubt as to viability, resuscitation efforts should be initiated 2. Part 15: neonatal resuscitation: 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care. Apply appropriate techniques when delivery complication exists Patient Presentation Inclusion Criteria Imminent delivery with crowning Exclusion Criteria 1. Vaginal bleeding in any stage of pregnancy [see Obstetrical/Gynecological Conditions guideline] 2. Emergencies in first or second trimester of pregnancy [see Obstetrical/Gynecological Conditions guideline] 3. Seizure from eclampsia [see Obstetrical/Gynecological Conditions and Eclampsia/Pre eclampsia guidelines] Patient Management Assessment: 1. If patient in labor but no signs of impending delivery, transport to appropriate receiving facility 2. Delivery should be controlled so as to allow a slow controlled delivery of infant this will prevent injury to mother a. If unable to free the cord from the neck, double clamp the cord and cut between the clamps 4. Grasping the head with hand over the ears, gently guide head down to allow delivery of the anterior shoulder 6. After 1-3 minutes, clamp cord about 6 inches from the abdomen with 2 clamps; cut the cord between the clamps a. After delivery of infant, suctioning (including suctioning with a bulb syringe) should be reserved for infants who have obvious obstruction to the airway or require positive pressure ventilation (follow Neonatal Resuscitation guideline for further care of the infant) 10. Dry and warm infant, wrap in towel and place on maternal chest unless resuscitation needed 11. The placenta will deliver spontaneously, often within 5-15 minutes of the infant a. After delivery, massaging the uterus and allowing the infant to nurse will promote uterine contraction and help control bleeding a. Most deliveries proceed without complications If complications of delivery occur, the following are recommended: a. Shoulder dystocia if delivery fails to progress after head delivers, quickly attempt the following i. Contact direct medical oversight and/or closest appropriate receiving facility for direct medical oversight and to prepare team b. Consider placing mother in prone knee-chest position or extreme Trendelenburg iii. Contact/transport to closest appropriate receiving facility for direct medical oversight and to prepare team c. Place mother supine, allow the buttocks and trunk to deliver spontaneously, then support the body while the head is delivered ii.

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Most cerebrovascular problems would be expected to antibiotic birth control cheap 600 mg linezolid with amex produce some localizing neuro logical signs on careful examination even in an unconscious patient antibiotics for dogs dosage order linezolid 600 mg visa. He could have hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma detected by a high glucose and evidence of haemoconcentration antibiotic 101 buy linezolid uk. Indeed, in this case, repeat of the rectal temperature measurement with a low-reading thermometer showed a tem perature of 30. No paracetamol was detected in the blood and his alcohol level was low at 11 mg/100 mL. If this is not achieved by covering the patient with blankets, then warmed inspired oxygen, warm intravenous fluids, bladder or peritoneal lavage might be consid ered. Drugs and physical disturbance should be limited since the myocardium is often irri table and susceptible to arrhythmias. Her only other symptom is a gradual increase in frequency of bowel movements from once a day in her teens to two to three times daily. She says that the bowel movements can be difficult to flush away on occasions but this is not a consist ent problem. She thinks that her grandmother, who lived in Ireland, had some bowel problems but she died 3 years ago, aged 68. She is an infant school teacher and spends a lot of her spare time in keep-fit classes and routines at a local gym. Examination of her abdomen showed no abnormalities and there are no other significant abnormalities to find in any other system. The report of a dimorphic blood film means that there are both small and large cells. This suggests that the anaemia is caused by a combination of the folate deficiency indicated by the red cell folate and by iron deficiency. The Howell?Jolly bodies are dark blue regular inclusions in the red cells which are typically found in the blood of patients after splenectomy, or are associated with the splenic atrophy which is characteristic of coeliac disease. In coeliac disease, there is a sensitivity to dietary gluten, a water-insoluble protein found in many cereals. The proximal small bowel is the main site involved with loss of villi and an inflammatory infiltrate caus ing reduced absorption. Other diagnoses which might be considered are anorexia nervosa (her age and sex, commitment to exercise); she does not appear depressed (a common cause of weight loss and bowel dis turbance) and the laboratory findings clearly indicate physical disease. Diagnosis of coeliac disease can be confirmed by endoscopy at which a biopsy can be taken from the distal duodenum. The treatment is a gluten free diet with a repeat of the biopsy some months later to show improvement in the height of the villi in the small bowel. Another common cause of failure to recover the villus architec ture is poor compliance to the difficult dietary constraints. She has had three episodes of cough, fever and purulent sputum over the last 6 months. Recently she has had trouble with regurgitation and vomiting of recognizable food. She lived in the north-west coast of the United States for 4 years up until 10 years ago. She has always tended to be constipated and this has been a little worse recently. There are no abnormalities to find in the cardiovascular system, abdomen or other systems. The X-ray shows a dilated fluid-filled oesophagus with no visible gastric air bubble. The oesophagus has now dilated and there has been spill-over of stagnant food into the lungs giving her the episodes of repeated respiratory infections. Such aspiration is most likely to affect the right lower lobe because of the more vertical right main bronchus, although the result of aspiration at night may depend on the position of the patient. It tends to be present for all foods, indicating a motility problem, and there may initially be some relief from the mechanical load as the oesophagus fills. The diagnosis can be made at this stage by a barium swallow showing the dilated oesopha gus.

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