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By: N. Gancka, M.A., Ph.D.

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Tubular secretion the following table lists the word parts associated with the urinary system symptoms after embryo transfer purchase meldonium no prescription. Combining Form Name of Structure Word Association cyst/o bladder Cystogram is an x-ray examination of the urinary bladder medications errors pictures purchase discount meldonium online. This test needs a urine specimen treatment vaginal yeast infection buy meldonium with visa, which can either be a voided specimen or catheterized specimen. Several examples are listed as follows: Glycosuria glyc/o + uria sugar in the urine Proteinuria protein/o + uria protein in the urine Hematuria hem/o + uria blood in the urine Albuminuria albumin/o + uria albumin in the urine Pyuria py/o + uria pus in the urine Ketonuria keton/o + uria ketones in the urine Radiography and ultrasonography are also used to aid in the diagnosis of disorders of the urinary system. Some of these include: Word Parts Word Association cyst/o = bladder -stomy Cystostomy is the surgical creation of an opening into the nephr/o = renal pelvis new opening bladder. A patient who is undergoing renal lithotripsy using shock waves may be undergo ing which procedure An x-ray series using contrast medium injected into a vein provides information about the structure and function of the kidney, ureters, and bladder. Objectives When you complete this section, you’ll be able to build, recognize, and analyze med ical terminologies involving the male and female reproductive system. Study the following word parts pertaining to the structures of the female reproductive system. For females, this stage is characterized by the start of menstruation or menses (men/o = month). The term menopause, on the other hand, is the time that marks the end of the menstrual cycle. Diseases, Disorders, and Diagnostic Terms Examination of the female reproductive system may include physical assessment and pelvic examination that can be done unaided or with the use of instruments. Examination of the cervix and the walls of the vagina may be done with a vaginal specu lum. Collection of uterine and/or vaginal wall tissue for cytologic examination is known as a Papanicolaou smear/test (abbreviated form = Pap smear). Visual (-scopy) and radiologic examinations of the structures of the female reproductive tract include: Procedure Meaning Instrument Used colposcopy Examination of the cervix using a special colposcope magnifying device (microscope) laparoscopy Surgical diagnostic procedure used to laparoscope examine the abdominal structures hysteroscopy Direct visualization of the cervical canal hysteroscope and the uterine cavity hysterosalpingog X-ray examination of the uterus and raphy fallopian tubes with the use of a radi opaque dye Pain, bleeding, and abnormal vaginal discharge are usual gynecologic concerns that war rant a visit to a gynecologist. Aside from the gynecologic problems previously mentioned, menstrual irregularities are also common. The following list out lines several surgeries related to the female reproductive system. Word Part Surgical Procedure Meaning -plasty = surgical repair colpoplasty surgical repair of the vagina -rrhaphy = suture colporrhaphy suture of the vagina salpingorrhaphy suture of the uterine tube -ectomy = excision hysterectomy excision of the uterus oophorectomy excision of one or both ovaries salpingectomy excision of the fallopian tube salpingo-oophorectomy excision of the ovary and its fallopian tube vulvectomy excision of the vulva Pregnancy and Childbirth the branch of medicine that deals with the care of women during pregnancy and child birth is obstetrics, and the specialist is an obstetrician. Pregnancy, otherwise referred to as gestation, begins at conception and ends at child birth. Prior to conception, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube and is followed by implantation of the zygote in the endometrium. The average duration of gestation from the fertilization date is 266 days, or about three trimesters. Ultrasonography is a useful diagnostic tool in monitoring the fetus’ development throughout the pregnancy. Examples of relevant terms include: Prenatal (pre + natal) period occurring before birth Postnatal (post + natal) period occurring after birth Perinatal (peri + natal) period occurring immediately before and after birth Neonatal (neo + natal) period occurring from the birth of the child to one month Parturition pertains to childbirth: Antepartum (ante + partum) before childbirth Postpartum (post + partum) after childbirth Gravidity pertains to the number of times a woman has been pregnant. The combining form -para is used to describe a woman who has given birth: Unipara (uni + para) a woman who has given birth to one child Multipara (multi + para) a woman who has had multiple births Nullipara (null/o + para) a woman who has never given birth Prior to giving birth, the pregnant woman goes through the labor process. Structures the male reproductive system also consists of internal and external organs. Word Part Meaning Word Association gon/o genitals or reproduction Gonads refer to the reproduc tive organs, namely the testes or ovaries. Diseases, Disorders, and Diagnostic Terms the following list enumerates the most common disorders of the male reproductive sys tem. Causative microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, or parasites.

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Therefore medicine organizer discount meldonium 250 mg on-line, prevention must be writ large in cancer control plans if we are to treatment abbreviation purchase meldonium 500mg visa defy the dark prediction of the statistics spa hair treatment order meldonium 250mg amex. The personal impact of cancer should never be far from the minds of all whose careers lead them to join in efforts to reduce the burden of suffering due to cancer. At the same time, cancer professionals from all disci plines need reliable knowledge on which to act, and the general public has the same need in order to make informed decisions. It is in this context that World Cancer Report 2014 provides its up-to-date description of the occurrence, causes, underlying mechanisms, and prevention of cancer. My hope is that it will be a catalyst for collectively meeting the challenges of cancer in a way that benefts people in an inclusive way worldwide. Wild Director International Agency for Research on Cancer World Cancer Report xi Introduction Research underpins the development and implementation of all measures calculated to reduce the cancer bur den. In addressing cancer research developed over the fve-year period since the previous edition of World Cancer Report was published, all the contributors to this volume faced the challenge of identifying the most pertinent developments. Cancer etiology and biology Specifcation of cancer incidence and mortality data with varying degrees of confdence for virtually all countries is fundamental to cancer control. These data – particularly as they relate to specifc tumour types – not only establish the burden of disease as it may impinge upon public health and clinical services planning; they also indicate, in many instances, causative relationships, the impact of socioeconomic differences, and priorities that may be accorded to particular cancer control options. In many cases, differences in cancer incidence between countries refect the decades-old perception that cancer is a disease of affuence. But this perception is inadequate, having been displaced initially by the level of tobacco induced lung cancer in China and some other Asian countries, and more recently as cancer rates are expected to grow due to the impact of rapid increases in the prevalence of obesity, which is not confned to high-income countries. Cancers associated with chronic infections remain a particularly important challenge in low and mid dle-income countries. These differing and evolving profles of risk factors are occurring against the background of marked demographic changes, characterized in many countries by an ageing and growing population, which will see the greatest proportional increases in cancer burden falling on some of the economically poorest regions of the world. The impacts of tobacco, obesity, and infections are just part of a broad spectrum of other agents and risk factors that contribute to cancer development and that, together, infuence the striking geographical heterogeneity in incidence rates. Certain of these risk factors are non-modifable, for example race, familial genetic background, and reproductive and hormonal history. Exposure to carcinogens may result from what are often characterized as lifestyle choices, which include alcohol consumption and behaviour in relation to avoidable sun exposure. Finally, people may be exposed to carcinogens in circumstances over which they have little or no control, which is the case in relation to occupational exposures, the effects of pollution. Priorities accorded to avoiding the impact of various causative agents may be infuenced by attributable risk: the proportion of total cancers for which a particular agent or circumstance played a causal role in the development. Such quantitative determina tions may vary markedly depending on which community or country is under consideration. The overarching principle, however, is that people should not be knowingly exposed to circumstances likely to increase their risk of developing cancer. Analytical epidemiological studies, often incorporating molecular and biological measurements made possible through the availability of, for example, archived blood and/or tissue samples, increasingly identify key biologi cal processes whose relevance is initially indicated through experimental studies. The past fve years has wit nessed the identity of many cancer pathways being derived from whole-genome sequencing for multiple cases of each major tumour type, and from analogous comprehensive data of the “–omics” sciences, which encompass genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and the like. Genomic and similar data provide singular insight into the nature of cancer cell devel opment within the context of normal tissue. These data offer, for example, the prospect of improved detection of early-stage disease, but also more refned molecular classifcation of malignancy with relevance to descriptive and etiological epidemiology. They also reveal perturbed signalling and other alterations in cancer cells, which, xii by defnition, establish at least a basis for what is termed targeted therapy. The elucidation of biological changes that characterize cancer cells has been paralleled by observations at the cellular level to the effect that malignant tumours are inadequately understood as simply a mass of cancer cells: malignant tumours are also made up of fbrous, infammatory, vascular, and im munological cell populations. Any one or more of these populations may be, at particular times, critical to tumour development and hence may offer an approach to prevention or therapy. Reducing cancer incidence and mortality Community awareness of the burden of cancer is inevitably focused on the development of improved therapies to the beneft of cancer patients, and media reports of “breakthroughs” are often the vehicle for reporting novel developments. The challenge posed by agent-specifc resistance largely accounts for the reality of persistent disease despite incremental progress.

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Don’t be surprised if your emotons range widely in the beginning—from anger and fear to medications given to newborns purchase generic meldonium helplessness and shame symptoms 8dp5dt buy meldonium australia. In fact treatment zoster purchase meldonium 250 mg amex, I’ve learned since my diagnosis that informaton is a very real antdote to fear. Do be wise, however, that there are many unsubstantated claims about so-called cures. Make sure the informaton you gather—whether from the Internet, library or your own contacts— is reliable. My journey has been made much easier because my wife, kids, extended family, friends, and colleagues have been there for me. My own support group experience — which I admit was very 371 Copyright © 2008, Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Choices: 4th Edition limited—lef me feeling less supported and more singled out because of the collectve mood. When frst diagnosed, I was certain I could fnd a medicine or treatment that would clear the virus from my body with no pain and no interrupton to my life. Like most of the long-term illnesses afectng millions of individuals worldwide, living with hepatts C requires us to make some difcult choices and changes. The good news is, when you accept your responsibilites with this conditon, you are rewarded with a renewed sense of control and self-determinaton. And along with a shifing sense of responsibility came an awareness that I was on this path for a reason. Preventon requires multlevel educaton programs, rigorous eforts to protect the blood supply, and interventon programs for at-risk populatons. Despite signifcant advances in hepatts C diagnosis and treatment, there is stll much to be learned. Research is being conducted on several fronts in the race to gain control over the virus. Healthcare providers from all healing disciplines are looking for beter ways to treat people living with hepatts C. Information and Awareness Despite the fact that most new cases of hepatts C are preventable, the disease contnues to spread globally. For example, current estmates for the United States do not include incarcerated, homeless persons, and others who do not partcipate in the mainstream healthcare system. Multlevel educaton, public awareness, and efectve, afordable testng are essental for disease preventon. The federal government is responsible for educatng citzens of the United States about communicable diseases such as hepatts C. Hepatts C is largely an unfunded epidemic, meaning neither the federal government nor the private sector has earmarked funds for combatng this public health problem. Remarkably, many decision makers are stll unaware of the magnitude and severity of the hepatts C epidemic currently threatening the health of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Many grassroots organizatons that conduct the majority of hepatts C educaton and awareness programs are funded solely by Copyright © 2008, Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Choices: 4th Edition monies from pharmaceutcal companies that manufacture drugs used to treat hepatts C. While this had caused some people to mistrust the provided informaton, public awareness about hepatts C would be even less than it currently is without this funding. Computer technology has been an incredible boon to the advancement of medical research, especially with respect to viral illnesses. Computer modeling of viral genomes has allowed scientsts to carefully target and atack specifc paterns of viruses. As our knowledge increases and pieces of the puzzle are put in place, a more complete picture is revealed. Some antviral therapies ofer the possibility of viral clearance, but may cause signifcant discomfort during treatment. Other therapies may improve quality of life, but ofer no potental for viral clearance. A few short years ago, people treated with interferon-based therapy had only a 12% chance of achieving a sustained viral response. Today, approximately 50% of people treated with pegylated interferon plus ribavirin are sustained responders. With long-term follow up data now in hand, the medical community is now using the word “cure” for those who experience a sustained viral response.

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Such campaigns invari intrapersonal determinants of behaviour in members of a defned ably make use of mass media medicine guide generic meldonium 500mg fast delivery, of those behaviours medicine 1900 purchase on line meldonium. It is not concerned with ten through carefully planned paid cancer “awareness-raising” cam • Hypothesized causal pathways advertising 5 asa medications buy meldonium in india, as well as other simul paigns. Indeed, such campaigns are for change in individuals should taneous communication and policy of questionable public health value. Campaigns would Sometimes awareness-raising cam will help focus the interventions not normally be considered for rare paigns can do harm, as when pros that make up the campaign as tumours or those concentrated in tate cancer awareness leads to inap well as defning measures of subpopulations, such as in certain propriate screening for the disease outcome that will demonstrate occupations or locations, or for in and to harms that at least arguably and explain effects. There are should campaigns be undertaken as • Campaign messages need to almost certainly other more effec a substitute for potentially effective take into account psychological tive and effcient alternative ways to public health policy and regulation. Series of images from a video used by Australia’s National Tobacco Campaign tion is more limited. This particular advertisement highlighted how smoking causes arteries to ary prevention depends principally become blocked, graphically emphasizing that “every cigarette is doing you damage”. Contacting individuals directly with invitation letters is far more ef fective than public advertising of a service alone [3], so a campaign is not likely to be a major element in secondary prevention. In addition, unless the relevant health services are equally available to all members of a target population, population wide campaigns would generate de mand that could not be met. Thus, the norm is for incremental change, it is said – is at the core of campaign when screening services are intro at best, in population rates of a ha planning. Judicious application of duced into a population in stages, it bitual target behaviour, whereas psychological knowledge is helpful, makes little sense to use mass me participation rates approaching if not essential. However, as 50% may rapidly follow the introduc campaign planners are explicit about suming that all required services are tion of a screening or vaccination the way in which their message is ready, there may be a limited role service that was supported by direct expected to infuence the receiver, in the early stages for mass com invitations and media publicity [5,6]. In the case of oratory studies have investigated the the programme’s life, there may also tobacco at least, the diffculties of underlying nature of effective health be a role for mass media in refresh reversing a habit are further com messages – for instance, the rela ing public interest should participa plicated by the addictive qualities of tive merits of gain or loss-framed tion rates start to fall [4]. Nevertheless, campaigns wording [9] – but the applicability mass media campaigns alone are have been shown to be effective of results obtained to population unlikely to achieve desired participa in changing population risk behav wide communications is uncertain. It is notewor explored message characteristics thy that small percentage changes as they apply to broadcast cancer in risk factor behaviours equate to prevention campaigns [10]. Habitual and non-habitual large numbers of people when a risk A common issue is when, and behaviours factor is common, and that where when not, to use confronting, shock There is a fundamental distinction relative risks are large, the potential ing, or “scary” message content [11]. Furthermore, small percentage haviours such as tobacco use, over sages to promote participation in changes that are sustained over nutrition, under-exercising, and al cancer screening. Campaigns to change Formulating the campaign message– at the same time are fearful of (and habitual behaviours are far more what the communication actually wishing to avoid) the possibility of a diffcult to implement successfully. Protect yourself against the in different populations around the copywriters, graphic designers, flm sun. At the beach or swimming pool, wear world, and certain principles stand makers, media specialists, journal a shirt, a hat, and sunglasses. Consistent messag them go into the sun between 12 and sages that communicate the serious ing therefore needs to be built on a 4 pm. Even in the shade, you have to pro health harms of smoking by elicit shared understanding of the way in tect yourself. Ideally, a small group, and recycling of advertisements which includes a behavioural scien across jurisdictions. These kinds of tist experienced in such campaigns, messages have high memorability, would develop a behavioural model elicit early responses predictive of tailored to this campaign. Useful smoking behaviour change across models can be found in the literature many population subgroups within (Box 4. Overall, this re itive and negative reinforcement), search supports the assumption on memory, modelling, motivation, and which many campaigns have been self-efficacy. By their nature, mod els in the theoretical literature are based: that an underlying dynamic comprehensive and it is not always of health behaviour change arises useful to try to apply them entirely from a desire to reduce psychologi in formulating a campaign. Rather, cal discomfort felt when continuing the planning group should take in to engage in the risk behaviour.

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