Early Voting


It really helps our candidates if you vote early, then they can focus on other voters and you won’t get any more of those phone calls or people knocking at your door! What if you are sick election day, if you have car trouble, if the weather is bad, or if your kids are sick? Those and many other reasons could prohibit you from getting to the polls. Vote early to ensure that your vote is counted!! YOUR VOTE IS SECURE WHEN YOU VOTE EARLY.
You can vote early one of 2 ways

  1. By mail if you request an Absentee Ballot Request form.
  2. Or in person at any of the Early Voting Satellite locations. All ballots are available at each of the Satellite locations.

CLICK HERE to print the attached absentee ballot request form.
All you have to do is print, complete and mail as directed on the bottom of the form. You will receive your ballot by mail, complete it and return in the POSTAGE PAID envelope and you are done! You don’t even have to pay the postage. And don’t worry, your vote is secure. You can even track your ballot on line through the Iowa Secretary of State’s office; the link is on the bottom of the attached form.  Ballots are secure and we provide a group of Republican observers to monitor the process of opening them to ensure the integrity of the process.

One of the early voting options is to vote in person.

Prior to the date of any given election, when ballots are available, you may vote early at the Auditor’s Office.

On an as needed basis, additional satellite locations may be opened by the Auditor as listed below.

On Election Day itself, you may only vote at your assigned polling place – you can no longer vote at the Auditor’s Office or the satellite locations. [ Voting on Election Day ]

For more information regarding early voting visit the Scott County Auditor’s website by CLICKING HERE.