A Message to Iowa Voters

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth.  This old adage certainly applies to the comments made on the recent absentee voting bill of Senator Roby Smith and passed by the Legislature.  This bill does nothing to stop absentee voting.  Any registered voter in Iowa may request an absentee ballot through the county auditor, the Secretary of State’s website, or with a form mailed to them by a campaign organization or affiliated party.  This is exactly what has been done in the past.

It is simply not telling the truth to say that the bill curtails voting by mail or requires a voter to go to the auditor’s office to vote absentee.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  In fact, those choosing to vote by absentee have four months before the election to request a ballot.

Iowans take seriously the right to vote.  They want fair, honest elections free of fraud.  Recently, 1 in 5 mail in votes were invalidated in a municipal election in New Jersey.  That is a high enough total to swing an election.  The bill contains safeguards to prevent this from happening in Iowa.

It was implied in a Quad Cities Times ad that voting by mail disadvantages the Republican Party.  This is not true.  This should not be a partisan issue – thousands of Republicans and Democrats vote absentee.  This will continue under this bill.

Dave Millage, Scott County Republicans Chair

The Scott County Republicans have moved to our new headquarters.

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Come mingle with fellow Republicans and campaign staff, plus take a tour of the office.

This office is the home of the campaign offices for President Donald Trump, Senator Joni Ernst and Congressional Candidate Marianette Miller-Meeks. It will also serve as the hub for Republican volunteer activity in Scott County as we kick off the 2020 election season and electing Republicans in November!

A message from Senator Joni Ernst to Scott County Republicans.

Genesis Community Compassion Campaign

In the midst of our nation’s most challenging healthcare crisis, Genesis is here to keep our community safe and healthy. We are deeply grateful to our doctors, nurses and staff for their daily efforts and dedication. 

We are also very thankful for the outpouring of love and support from our community. These expressions of gratitude remind us that we are truly “in this together.”

You can help! Please join your friends and neighbors in supporting those who live out our mission of providing compassionate, quality care for all those in need.  

From monetary donations to gift cards from local restaurants to sewing masks and writing letters of hope, there are many ways to show you care. Thank you!

Click here for ways to give to this campaign.

COVID-19 Coalition Website

The COVID-19 Coalition is a coalition of the Scott County and Rock Island EMA, hospitals and health officials, elected officials, and first responders from all over the Quad Cities area. The Coalition has developed a COVID-19 information website for any and all information related to COVID-19. The website can be fount at www.TogetherQC.com

Scott County Republicans continues to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, but we are doing so from remote. We are still mission focused for this November, but we want to encourage everyone to visit the COVID-19 Coalition website and follow the recommendations to help flatten the curve, stop the spread, and remain healthy until this crisis has passed.